Understanding Webhosting

Every business uses email today. Most consumers are doing their research on the internet. Where does that leave your business?

Does the email address that you have printed on your business card look like joesplumbing2@bigpuddle.com.au? If so, your email address does more to identify your Internet company than your business.

For just $20 ex GST per year you can register your own domain name and then have an email address such as sales@yourcompany.com. You can have multiple email addresses (sales@, accounts@, info@) all delivered to the one mailbox. Your clients will instantly have an increased impression of the quality of your operation.

If you need to host a website and separate mailboxes for each of your employees, prices start from just $100 ex GST per year.

To find out more about how Backup.com.au can help your business communicate online, please contact us. Our staff will help you sort through the many different options that are available to you.

Click here for a breakdown of our webhosting pricelist.