Retail Jeweller

“For years we have managed our own backups, first on floppy disk and later with a manual file transfer to an off-site computer. Our diligence quickly turned to disappointment when we hadn’t backed-up on the one day the system failed!

We process up to one hundred transactions each day, and in the past there have been occasions when we have lost a day or more of data and have had to rebuild the transactions from memory. We also got burnt when, failing to manually check the file transfer result regularly, found that it had not been working for a long time. has provided us with a reliable, and trouble-free online backup solution.”

John Karran – Jeweller and Watchmaker, Karrans of Hyde Park

Health Professionals

You guys totally saved my @#$%!

Arc Rehabilitation

Football Club

“As Manager of a very busy club my job is stressful enough, without the worry of possibly losing valuable business records. has given me peace of mind knowing our files are backed up every night and are safe and secure.

The quality of service is second to none. All queries are dealt with immediately and the mental and financial value to our Club is immeasurable.”

Jacqueline Raphael – Club Secretary, Salisbury North Football Club