Introduction to reselling is happy to credit much of its rapidly growing client base to an active community of I.T. professionals who see the benefits of online backups and recommend our service to their clients.

Our resellers no longer have to worry about whether or not their clients are swapping their tapes, taking data offsite, or checking their logs to confirm that their backups are even working.

There are no sales minimums or sliding scales for our resellers - you can pocket generous rewards for signing up even a single, small-scale client.

Our reseller process is very simple:

  1. Register for access to the reseller section of our website
  2. Complete the Mutual Confidentiality Deed (MCD) in the reseller section
  3. Introduce your first client and collect your first commission - there are no minimum targets
  4. Choose between a trailing commission or a generous, up-front reward for each successful introduction

Once you've returned the signed MCD, you'll be granted access to all the details of the commission rates and other resources to help you successfully recommend online backups to your clients. We're also happy to set up a trial of the online backup for you. Experience for yourself how easy it is to backup online with

Good luck and good selling.