Why online backups are the best choice.

Online backups are the best choice for many businesses in Australia and around the world.

Online backups outperform tape backups, USB hard drives and other manual backups in almost every regard.

Businesses today are well aware of the need to backup their data. Everyone has a story about losing a critical file to a virus, a hard drive failure, or just plain human error.

There are many backup options which have been around for years - burning a CD or DVD, using a removable harddrive, backup tapes, and more. You're probably already backing up your data using one of these means, but what do you do then with this backup copy of your data? Do you carry the data offsite with you to avoid losing everything in a fire or burglary?

Even if you do carry the backups offsite with you everyday, it most likely has no encryption applied to it, so if it were stolen or intercepted, your private information is left completely vulnerable and readable to anyone who holds it.

All of the above is only relevant if you can even be bothered doing your manual backup every day in the first place! Many people get busy and/or lazy and backup their data far less frequently than they should.

If all that wasn't annoying enough, how do you know that your data has backed up successfully unless you manually check each backup constantly for errors in ALL of the files...and who has time for that?

Backup.com.au's Online Backup Manager AUTOMATICALLY protects your critical data (Email, databases, MYOB, QuickBooks, My Documents, anything) by backing it up every night via a SECURE internet connection to our Backup Servers. Your data is protected by a secure encryption that is applied to it before it leaves your computer, and remains encrypted at every stage, even in storage.

Only with Backup.com.au can you rest easy knowing you're prepared for any data failure, large or small.