How safe are online backups?

First of all, online backups are much safer than the process you are probably using now.

Are you performing a manual backup every day without fail? Are you taking your backup offsite with you to a secure location (or do you leave it in your briefcase or handbag, or the glove box of one of your employee's cars)? Do you encrypt the data such that even if it were to fall into the wrong hands, it would be no use to them? does all of this automatically.

The backup runs every night (or whenever you schedule it) and provides you with a report every morning of its success. The report details any errors or files that might have failed to backup. You remain completely informed of every result for extra peace of business mind.

The data is stored far away from your office in a secure datacentre, much safer than your briefcase or glovebox. Even if someone were able to gain access to our datacentre and manage to steal our entire stock of Servers and data it would do them no good because...

Your data is securely encrypted using Triple AES encryption. The same encryption that is used by governments and banks. Infact, Triple AES encryption is one of the few levels of encryption security which the FBI deem secure enough for transfer of TOP SECRET level information in the USA. Your data is encrypted before it even leaves your computers and remains encrypted at every stage, even in storage. The encryption process is controlled by a passphrase that you nominate and your data cannot even be un-encrypted by's own administrators without that passphrase. Make sure you don't lose that passphrase!

In the event of a disaster that leaves you needing to recover a large amount of data, will send you the data on DVD or portable hard-drive. Even in transit by courier or post, your data remains encrypted. It is unreadable to anyone that does not have your passphrase.

Feeling safer now?