How online backups work.'s online backups simplify your backup procedures by performing a complete offsite backup of your data automatically and reporting the result to you every day.

During an on-site visit or remote administration of your computer,'s technicians will install our custom Online Backup Manager and help you select which of your files need to be backed-up. The Online Backup Manager is capable of backing-up almost any type of file: Exchange databases, Lotus Domino, SQL, MYOB and Quickbooks etc. Even files that remain open and would normally be inaccessible can be backed-up.

Every night (or whenever you schedule it) the Online Backup Manager establishes a secure connection to the Servers and backs-up all of your critical data online. You are now protected against any kind of data loss imaginable. Even if your entire business were to be destroyed your data is safe. Insurance companies can rebuild your buildings and offices, but let's see them rebuild years of business data!

You may potentially have a large amount of data to backup but don't worry, the process doesn't need to send all of the data every night. The Online Backup Manager compares today's data with the previous version on the Backup Server and then only transfers what has changed today.

Our software is so smart that even very large files that have changed do not need to be transmitted in their entirety. The Online Backup Manager compares today's file with the file on the Backup Server and then only sends the portion of the file that has changed today. This means that even your ever-increasing Outlook.pst file, which usually changes by a few megabytes and would otherwise take hours to transmit in full can be backed-up in just moments.

The servers keep a history of your data and can rebuild back to a previous version (days, weeks or even months before), beyond even the most recent backup. So if you have a file, for example, that developed a corruption six backups ago, you can restore your data backup to seven backups ago, before the corruption occurred.

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