Local backups are available with unlimited retention policies

One question we are often asked is whether we can accommodate a retention policy greater than 30 days for a client's backup data. For most businesses, it seems this is to satisfy a 'five year retention of business records' requirement.

Keeping five years of data online is generally not feasible as it significantly increases the price of the backup, however the need to retain long range data can be fulfilled in another way.

Backup.com.au's Online Backup Manager is capable of performing a local backup of your data to a networked computer or USB hard drive hosted locally by the client as part of the same online backup. This local backup can have an unlimited retention policy, separate to the retention policy of your online backup.

The local backup can also be configured to include extra non-critical data that you might like to have backed-up locally but not online in an effort to manage your online backup costs.

With the affordability of USB hard drives these days it is very easy to accommodate a long-range backup.

Of course, if we are able to retain more than 30 days of data without adding a prohibitive additional cost to your business then we're happy to do that. It all comes down to the amount of compression we are able to achieve for each client's data - the more compression we can get, the further back we can go.