MYOB's Magical Moving Mayhem

MYOB keeps moving! Just when you think you know where you left it, MYOB gets up and moves - which can cause a big problem with the backup of your data.

When MYOB releases a major version update, it installs itself into a new folder named with its version number (C:\MYOB 18, C:\PREMIER 12), rather than upgrading the existing installation instead. Some clients have a dozen installations of MYOB they don't use anymore that are taking up space - but that's not the real problem.

During the upgrade process, unless you specify otherwise, MYOB moves your data file to a new location! MYOB wants to keep your data in its own 'program files' folder, along with various letters, forms and templates and automatically moves them to the new location. This is unlike other application such as Quickbooks which let you specify where you want to keep your data file ("C:\My Documents\Quickbooks" for instance) and then it leaves it there forever.

What this means for you is that your backup of MYOB needs to reconfigured and checked every time you install a version upgrade to ensure that it is being captured in the correct backup set. support staff are happy to help you check that your MYOB is being backed-up successfully.

If you are in any doubt, contact us.

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