Resize your images to save space.

One of our clients is a optometrist and as part of their practice keeps thousands of images of their clients retinas. Their retina imaging device outputs each image at 2.5MB and as their business continues to grow they needed to find a way to manage the massive size of their images folder.


Missing TXT message notification sounds on Samsung Galaxy S3

One of our staff recently encountered what seemed to a glitch in the Samsung Galaxy S3. They were unable to hear any notifications when they received a TXT. They still got visual notifications but if the phone was in their pocket, the message went unnoticed. Searching Google revealed many people with the same problem. After trying lots of third-party notification apps and all the other advice on the forums, late one night we found the problem. It was annoying simple. There is a separate volume control for the message notification, it is hidden. You need to perform a Street Fighter style combo to get to it!

From the home screen of your S3, press the volume rocker up or down and you will notice the visual indicator of your volume settings. On the right hand side there is a settings "gear" icon. Press that and you will now have displayed three further volume controls that allow finer adjustments to your volume.

Our message volume was set all they way down.

Samsung S3 volume controlSamsung S3 extra volume settings

I hope this helps you guys. Send us a message if it does.

Outlook out of control

Imagine if you kept every piece of paperwork for your business in your in-tray. It would reduce your productivity and you would run the risk of losing items. The same analogy holds true for Microsoft Outlook.


Lucky we have a backup! recently had a hard drive crash. Office documents, accounting data, client databases... everything gone.

Luckily also uses for our own data protection. We recovered the whole lot in 45 minutes.

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