Firefox and Gmail 'standard view' problem.

We recently found a problem with Firefox (and other versions) not being able to use Google Gmail in 'standard view'. Gmail was displaying in HTML mode and everytime you clicked on 'standard view' it would simply load again in HTML mode. A lot of Gmails advanced features were not available to us. Read on to see how we solved it.


Who really owns your domain name?

Like many businesses, you may have engaged your I.T. consultant or web-designer to register a domain name for you.

Have you ever had a close look at your domain name's registration details?

In many cases we have found that the domain name has been registered with the consultant's details as the owner instead of the true business owner!


Cool GMail feature - Undo Send

Most of us, when sending an email message, take advantage of the time it takes for the progress bar to tell us that our email has been sent to actually proof-read our the message.

Of course when we see that glaring typo, there is nothing we can do about it. At best you MIGHT be able to rip out your network cable in time (laptop users operating wireless can try smashing their device instead).

If you use Gmail, you can activate one of their "Lab" features, "Undo Send". With this enabled, you can have up to a 30 second window between hitting SEND and being able to UNDO SEND before Gmail will actually send the email.

It is kind of like Microsoft Outlook's message recall feature, if that feature actually worked.

MYOB's Magical Moving Mayhem

MYOB keeps moving! Just when you think you know where you left it, MYOB gets up and moves - which can cause a big problem with the backup of your data.


Linux: How to copy files in alphabetical order.

We copy LOTS of files to and from USB hard drives from our Linux servers. A common frustration of ours has been that the linux "cp -v" command doesn't copy files and folders in alphabetical order which makes it hard for us to be able to tell at a glance how much of the file copy process is complete.

Instead, we now use RSYNC to copy the files. The command "rsync -avP /source /destination" performs the same as "cp -Rvf /source /destination" plus it includes some nice progress stats too.

Let us know if this helps you too..

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