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As Australia's most recognised name in online backups, you can trust Backup.com.au to backup your data offsite, securely, automatically and reliably to protect your computers against any disaster.

Backup.com.au is the right choice for offsite backup of your Windows or Apple Macintosh systems, personal computers, laptops or servers online.

With clients ranging from single laptop users to national enterprises, Backup.com.au's online services are tailored to match your unique needs.

Contact us and our friendly staff will help you assess your online backup requirements and even setup a free trial of the service for you.

Latest News

NEW FEATURE: Scheduled bandwidth throttling

Backup.com.au has alway had the ability to throttle the speed that a backup uploads at so that a client doesn't notice any affects on their internet performance. Now we've also added the ability to schedule changes to throttle.


Well now you can throttle your connection during the day, then after-hours when everyone has gone home, you can turn off the throttle and RELEASE THE HOUNDS!

The settings for the bandwidth throttle are managed at the server end of the process. Please contact us if you need help implementing this feature.

Joomla contact form not showing the correct reply-to address (seemingly).

Recently encountered a frustration where contact emails coming through our Joomla 2.5 website we showing our own email address as the reply-to address instead of the client's email address so we had to copy and paste their address into a forwarded email to reply to the client. Just clicking reply would reply to the email to ourselves.


Found out that it is not a Joomla problem but rather a logic misfire on Gmail's part, where it was seeing that we were sending the email to and from ourselves. We just changed the Joomla configuration for the sent-from field and it cured the misfire.

We found the solution here. Let us know if this helps you.

Using the Cisco VPN client with a Netcomm NB604n

A client recently changed internet service providers and since the change was unable to connect with the Cisco VPN Client from their computers. The are an accounting practices, using MYOB and the Cisco VPN Client to perform ELS lodgement of tax returns.

We suspected at first it might be the ISP blocking certain traffic but found it was the Netcomm NB604n modem/router that the ISP had provided. Before the Cisco VPN Client would work (and other VPN clients according to the documentation) you need to add some "port trigger" information.

A step by step document of the process can be downloaded from Netcomm here.

Top 3 ways to ensure you are safe from encryption ransom attacks.

In light recent Russian based hacker attacks on Australian businesses, there are three things that every business much do to ensure they can survive such an attack and not have to pay these low-lifes their ransom.


The trick to migrating data from Exchange to Gmail

More and more businesses, ourselves included, are saying farewell to Microsoft Exchange and switching to Google Apps For Business - Gmail.

Google make a tool for migrating your Exchange data to Google Apps, the Google Apps Migration For Microsoft Exchange, known romantically as GAMME.

Getting it to work is the real trick though. Google have left out one little thing...